WB is an outdoor & lifestyle apparel company based in Wyoming, USA.

WB tenets: Local. Made in USA. Natural. Organic. Healthy. Sustainable. Minimalist.

We focus on organic cotton & wool goods.

Real. Raw. Based. Wyoming Based.

Fair price promise.

WB does not offer discount codes or coupons. We price match our products to equivalent ones at Fjallraven and Patagonia. The difference between WB and other brands? WB products are made in USA. We also strive to use USA sourced materials if available. This is an expensive pursuit, but we are proud to be able to offer American made goods at similar prices to our outsourced competitors.

Pay with bitcoin.

We partnered with STRIKE to accept BTC. Simply select "Pay with Bitcoin Lightning" at checkout.

Why Wyoming Based wool:

  • Local wool. Sourced from ranches in Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, & Montana.
  • Manufactured in Wyoming, USA.
  • Made of 100% wool.
  • Luxurious Rambouillet wool blend. Low itch, antimicrobial, and durable.
  • Ethically & locally sourced. Sustainably produced. Biodegradable.
  • Made of undyed natural wool. No toxic chemicals. No PFCs.
  • Ribbed wool fabric allows for a natural stretch.
  • No elastane/spandex/nylon.
  • No modern slavery or forced labor used in production.
  • Compare us to other brands. Our competitors tend to cut costs by using imported wool, exporting manufacturing to other countries, and by blending their wool yarn with non-biodegradable, man made fibers.

Sustainability & pollution.

  • What is healthy for us, is healthy for the environment.
  • WB centers on organic cotton & wool products. Organic cotton & wool are natural fibers that are biodegradable.
  • From sheep to sweater. WB wool is sourced from mountain west, processed into yarn in WY, and made into apparel in WY. This process minimizes transportation energy, and creates less pollution.
  • Organic cotton uses less pesticides & herbicides than conventional cotton. This creates healthier soil, sustainable crops, cleaner water, and healthier clothing.
  • Limiting dyes. We try to use undyed yarns, natural dyes, or dyes that are free from harmful chemicals.
  • Limiting plastics and man made fibers. These fibers tend to be made in chemically intense processes that can possibly leach onto you and into the environment. They are also not biodegradable and end up in a land fill.
  • Wyoming preservation. WB plans to use its platform in the coming years to advocate for the preservation of Wyoming lands and species (particularly the plains bison from which our logo was designed after).
  • Sustainable farming and ranching. WB promotes and advocates for regenerative ag adoption in WY and mountain west. Visit our Twitter/X and Rumble channels for ranch tour videos.

Make clothing in America again.

  • Tired of looking at a label and seeing "designed in USA, made in _insert_foreign_country_here_"?
  • WB clothing is proudly made in USA. In addition, we strive to use materials that are produced in America when possible/available.
  • WB is committed to supporting American ranchers, farmers, and manufacturers. We believe this produces higher quality goods, builds local communities and economies, increases transparency and sustainability, and creates less pollution.
  • We encourage you to compare us to our competitors. You will find our American made apparel is priced similar to their imported goods.
  • We could cut costs significantly by off shoring production/materials. We are not interested in this. We are named after Wyoming, and are based in Wyoming. Our clothing has our values sewn into them.